What You Should Know About Wedding Flowers

I’m posting this because I am seem more and more brides having the rug pulled right out from under them when it comes to internet and magazine/worthy wedding flower costs.  Brides are spending hours and hours researching flowers and inspiration for their perfect wedding day.  They are spending it on the internet and magazines collecting pictures that don’t fit their budgets.  For us florists is very uncomfortable to have to sit and tell them these flowers aren’t in your budget.  Most if not all of the images the brides are seeing do not have prices to give them any idea of what their budget should be or if these items are even in their budget.  Brides have to remember that many of these designs are the best of the best.  They also have a price tag to go with them.

To try and help brides with their budgeting I am going to to offer a list of things that are magazine and internet worthy of flower pricing.  You can do it for less depending on the skill level of the floral designer you are dealing with.  Some newer designers will offer lower prices since they are trying to build their portfolios, where this can be budget friendly for the bride, but it can be also risky.  Seasoned designers and florists know design, product quality, care of flowers, trouble shooting, and how to fully service a wedding.  The area you live in will also effect the pricing.

The pricing below are based on nice-sized, full lush designs.  The kind you see on the internet and in magazines.  The prices are also entirely below the industry standards for luxury designs you are seeing on the internet and magazines.  There are cheaper options, but the bride has to keep an open mind in having her designer help her to choose the flowers that will best suite her and her vision.

Bridal Bouquets  These should range from $200-400.  The ones you are seeing online and in magazines really do cost this much.  Sure if you are going to use baby’s breath, carnations or mums the designs will be much less.  However most of the bouquets you are seeing out there are full bouquets of Garden Roses, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Cymbidium Orchids, Ranunculus, Anemones, French Tulips and much more.  Garden Roses are much more than that of a standard rose.  They can be 2-3 times more expensive.  When choosing these flowers you can expect the costs to be much higher.  Cascading bouquets are often 1.5-2 times higher than that of a hand tied bouquet.

Bridesmaids Bouquet  You should expect these to range from $90-150.  The higher price point will come into effect if you want higher end flowers such as Garden Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Peonies, etc.  Carnations, Daisies, or Chrysanthemums can be used to create cheaper designs.

Corsages  Theses are typically for Mothers, Grandmothers and other ladies participating in the wedding.  They come in many different styles.  Pin on Corsages range from $25-30, and wrist corsages $30 and up and mini bouquets typically start at $30 and up.

Flower Girls  The flower girl may have mini baskets to hold rose petals to drop on the aisle.  Rose petals typically range between $12 – 15 where pomander or kissing balls start at $95 and up.  Flower crowns or halos should also begin at $90 and up in price.

Alter Flowers These large pieces typically start at $250 and up.  The scale of the design has to be large and anything smaller looks out of proportion.

Aisle Flowers  Pew markers are typically created to mark family reserved seating or to decorate the aisle.  Plain bows should start at $15 for wired satin ribbon and not acetate ribbon.  Bows and Greens will be $20 – 25 and then bouquets of flowers will go up from there.  Pomanders will begin at $110.

Place Cart Table Designs  These are usually big entrance pieces.  If budget allows these pieces start at $400 and up.

Centerpieces  These designs come in many shapes and sizes.  Weddings typically feature low and elevated designs.  Designing low pieces that are full and similar to those famous designs you are seeing in magazines and the internet are hard to do for under $150.  It’s easy for a full design to be in the $250 and up range if you want things like garden rose, peonies, hydrangea and orchids.  There is a huge misconception that gathering of little vases with flowers or water designs with submerged flowers are less expensive.  This is not the case.  Lugging water at a venue and filling multiple vases with submerged flowers and candles is costly and a very labor intensive task.  The same thing holds true for bud vases, multiple bud vases requires lots of organization and planning.  Simple bud vases should start at $25 each.

Elevated designs are amazing and bring lots of drama into the room, but they typically can not be created for less than $250.  These big designs require may stems of flowers.  The elevated designs being seen in magazines are starting at $400 and up.  If the design consists of cascading orchids the price will be much higher.  The elevated stand can be included in the cost, but many shops will charge additional fees for any hard goods.

Also be aware if you choose to do feasting tables or farm tables requires even more flowers.  Instead of one piece in the center.  You will need to create multiple pieces to extend the length of the table.

Cake Flowers  These typically start at $75 and up

Throw Bouquets  These are typically $45 and up.  Some florists offer these at no charge, but it’s becoming less common.

Labor and Delivery  Brides should expect to pay 20% of the subtotal before tax for delivery of their flower.  This will endure that a team is fully committed to your event with tools, supplies and emergency flowers.

Breakdown is an additional fee that is charged to clean up after the event and remove all rent items from the venue.  This is often in the price range of 5% or a minimum fee of $250.

These are just some of the things a bride should know if she is looking for that Magazine Worthy Wedding.  Not all weddings are in these price ranges and your location can greatly effect these prices.  This was from an article by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers Ltd. on WeddingAces.com

It’s so disheartening for not only the bride to have to learn that many of the pictures she is bring with her to a wedding consultation are just not in her budget let alone the florist having to tell them.  At Apple Blossoms Floral Designs here in Tampa we do our best to work with most every bride’s budget.  The above information is for those Wedding Magazine Quality weddings.  I know when I am doing a Wedding Styled Photo Shoot I always do the best of the best and don’t worry about cost.  Most everyone in the industry works the same way.  We like to show our true design skills and do something different rather than the same ole thing you are seeing on all the websites and magazines.  I’m hoping by posting this information brides will obtain a greater appreciation for what we professional wedding florists do and why we charge the way we do.

One thought on “What You Should Know About Wedding Flowers

  1. This is a lovely blog post about the truth about wedding flowers and the cost! Thank you for posting this, really getting the word out! It is hard to be the bearer of bad news to a bride that is SURE of what she wants and really has no idea what it is going to cost to have a celebrity wedding flowers. So thank you for helping get the word out! This was a great break down.

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